At Espereal Technologies, we combine the use of technologies with storytelling to facilitate the exploration of places and to promote original local experiences through a direct engagement of tourists/visitors, without the intermediation of any international booking operator.

Our aims is to create an economically sustainable model, scalable towards other cities at international level, in different scenarios.

An important example is the collaboration with the “Eatnico” project. The challenge here is to contribute to the trasformation of a district of Turin “AURORA”, with high poverty and insecurity problems, into a new destination for tourists and visitors.

The aim of the project is to generate economic and social value from the exchange and collaboration between the different souls of the communities living in an area of high immigration.

On March 30 (within the event “Biennale Democrazia” ) from 12:00 to 15:00 there will be the inauguration of the project, presented by twelve gastronomic mediators, young people, born or raised in Italy, who know the cuisine of their country of origin and the Italian one and who believe that food can be an opportunity for meeting between different cultures.

We will demostrate as a network of our beacons and video-stories can acts as an “emotional guide” for tourists an visitors in a memorable nigth exploration.

We think that this could be a direction to follow on to prevent the risks of a growing perception of insecurity.

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