Our aim is to be known, trusted and respected in all aspects of our business. We’re continually looking for ways to ensure that we do the right thing:

We will pursue our business with honor, fairness and respect for the individual and social entities;

We expect our employees and partners to comply with all laws, regulations and company policies that govern our activities around the world;

All of our advertising must be truthful, not deceptive, and comply with applicable laws, regulations, and Company advertising policies;

All our financial, accounting, research, test, sales, and expense records or reports, timesheets, and other documents must accurately and clearly represent the facts;

We treat trade secrets and proprietary information about our business activities and our customers and suppliers with confidentiality;

We must create a working environment that values diversity and protects the right of each employee to fair and equitable treatment;

We’re dedicated to environmental responsibility and will follow all applicable environmental laws and regulations;

We deal honestly and fairly with suppliers, customers, competitors and employees with the expectation that we only gain business through quality of service and competitive pricing;

We do not make political party or candidate contributions.