The Tellingstones’ main focus is the delivering of targeted suggestions, “on the way” , helping people to discover historical and cultural heritages,
Tellingstones has been ispired by the work of Adam Greenfield and Nurri Kim.
Adam Greenfield is co-founder of the undisciplinary design collective “Do projects“, which publishes books, pamphlets, and editions, and otherwise underwrites explorations into space and experience.
Over the past five years, through “Do projects”, Adam and Nurri conducted “walkshops” in cities around the world: participatory walking tours in which they look for and try to understand the physical appearances of networked informatics in urban space.
Adam Greenfield is also founder and Director of Urbanscale, (
The Italian reasearcher Sara Mautino, that currently works in Lisboa, cooperates on the project, providing  always interesting conceptual thinking and practical proposals.