TELLINGSTONES is a content management system, designed to welcome and to assist visitors, tourists and residents during their visits.

With Tellingstones, free walks are enriched with «stories» that create emotions, helping people to have a direct connection with the tourism SME (tourist guides, tourism esperience organizers, street business, musem and event organizers).

To make the stories catch up with you while you are visiting the city, what you need is a “TellingstonesCard”, an electronic badge like this:



1. As user, get the App for your mobile

2. Add as many Cards as you want

Anonymous, Unique and Secure, the Card (or “Pass”) can be branded for a specific location, local community,  City,  Museum,  group of interest or Event.

3. As event, community or resouce manager, access the platform on the Cloud

you can create you own customized card, manage yout contents, send notifications, get analitics etc.

Once a Pass is installed, it enables the phone to receive target suggestions or alerting messages through push notifications (i.e. regarding mobility, people safety,..) or triggered by proximity, “on the way”.

Please, contact us for commercial details.

Targeted suggestions, received “on the way”, to discover what is hot and unexpected in the city, with an insigth of the cultural and hystorical heritages.



One App valid anywhere, customisable with local “cards”; data and business logic are on the cloud!

Adding a “card” instead of installing an App!

With Tellingstones, it is just the time of pointing a QRcode, no personal data are requested.

Open Architecture. Easy adding of local contents



1. Easy Onboarding

2. Managed engagement

3. User experience

4. Notifications enforced by a trusted logo

5. Direct Connection between visitors and local resources. That cuts all intermediation costs and frees creativity of local operators.


It makes simple the following activities:

  • Creating a branded pass that can act as an anonimous virtual ticket
  • Creating and enforcing the community around the event with dinamic notifications, before and during the event (pushed or in proximity of defined points of interest)
  • Managing discounts, bonus redemptions and gadget sale 
  • Managing post-event experiences 
  • Managing anonimous user’s profiles