Espereal Technologies è tra i partner del progetto, finanziato sul bando URBAN INNOVATIVE ACTIONS. L’Unione Europea ha assegnato a Torino 4 milioni e 600mila euro che saranno investiti dall’Amministrazione comunale per mettere in campo un programma di interventi sul tema […]

12000+ people connected for EMG are receiving instant notifications regarding games and experiences, free/discounted tickets for Museum etc. No social networks nor other personal contact channels used. #Tellingstones #Espereal

According to a paper, successfully anonymising data is practically impossible for any complex dataset. Here, an interesting article of Alex Hern ( Data can be deanonymised in a number of ways. In 2008, an anonymised Netflix dataset of film ratings was […]

The European Masters Games are an international sporting event that takes place every four years in order to promote physical activity and wide-ranging initiatives that enhance the values ​​of sport, create aggregation and promote the knowledge of the territory. The […]

“Utopia”, was the theme of the TEDxBUas 2019 event. By definition, Utopia is ‘an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect’ (Oxford University Press, 2018). The TEDx talks gave insights in various topics connected to Utopia […]

Sabato 12 maggio, si sono concluse le giornate dedicate al tema del 3D digital Musem; insieme a ricercatori, direttori di musei, professionisti e docenti provenienti da dieci università italiane ed una britannica. Storytelling, Usability, Emotions, Engagement, Technicalities e best practices […]

Heb je dit al gezien? Storie di Torino, La Rete Televisiva Olandese NPO Intervista Stefano di Polito

Sabato 30 Marzo, a Torino debutta “EATnico”. Passeggiare per il Borgo Aurora e scoprire, grazie alle Tellingstones di Espereal, direttamente sul proprio cellulare, attraverso le video-interviste realizzate da una squadra di mediatori gastronomici, le storie umane e professionali di nove […]

At Espereal Technologies, we combine the use of technologies with storytelling to facilitate the exploration of places and to promote original local experiences through a direct engagement of tourists/visitors, without the intermediation of any international booking operator. Our aims is […]